Gerald Smith's Pics

Gerald was a driver and TC in tank B-24, 2nd plt, B Troop, From April 67 to April 68

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B-24 "Bad News" 6/67

B-24 crew on 1/17/68--this is when Westmoreland came to Phu Loi to give
squadron the Presidential Unit Citation.  This was the only time when I
was there that all 4 troops were together.  Note the starched, clean
fatigues dressed out with full patches, insignias, etc.  That was required
and the only time we were squared away with our uniforms. I am in the
middle, Ken Jones our gunner on left, Fred Riplo-driver-on right.  Our TC,
Sheldon Bloyer, took the pic.

A pic of B Troop waiting next to our hootches for us to march to the
parade ground for the 1/17/68 ceremony.


Here is a shot of our troop orderly room in Phu Loi.


This is a pic of Ken Jones on the left, me in center next to a pack we
pulled.  I bet we pulled the pack on that old tank 6 or more times and we
got real good at it.  This was taken in the summer of 67.


A pic of what happens when yours truly hotshot driver pulled over too far
to let someone pass during rainy season. I'm standing in the road looking
like I lost my best friend.   SSG Bates, our TC, was so mad at me that he
went to an ACAV to play cards while the 3 of us left got that track back
on that I threw.   You ever get like that with your crew?
This was in Aug, 67.