The following pix from Steve Lindsay

Steve was a mechanic with C-Troop on C-8 from Sept, 69 to 1id withdrawl in April, 70
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The ACAV on right with yellow lettering is Rolling Reynolds Wrap,, C-8. That should be myself, Sp/5 Stacey, & SP/5 Akita, all mechanics behind it.


" Allsup on ground ?"


Cannon with cache


Daymude & his VTR, C-9


Kim & her sewing shop, Lai Khe




Willie " Pop " Nelson. Anyone know where he is now ??


Steve Lindsay


Steve Lindsay " FNG "


Steve Lindsay, & C-8 " RollingReynolds Wrap ."


Thomas with RPG


Stand down, Lai Khe motor pool


Stand down, Lai Khe motor pool