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Tony Davis

These Pix just in from
Tony was with B Troop April, 69 to October, 69 on Mike 6 track.







Sgt. Jim Lyons


Sgt. Jim Lyons


Don Dormany


Steve Swartz?


R&R at Di An, Sept 69, Me & unknown


R&R at Di An, Sept 69, unknown


L to R: James Tobin, Steve Swartz, Me, Bob Wagner, R&R, Di An, Sept 69


Me, Vietnam Wall South, Pensacola FL


Me, Quarter Horse Memorial, Ft. Knox KY


Me, Vietnam Memorial Park, Mobile AL


Someone made this picture and gave it to Tony. It got wet and muddy before it ever got home. Tony is sitting on the front reading a book. Know anyone else?

We sent this picture of the bunny track to Pete Ramsey since he has a picture on it posted on the 1-4 cav site. He thinks they were made before he got there. Anyone remember who was on the bunny track?

Not very good, but another picture of the bunny track