These Pics are from Mike Armstrong. Mike was Plt Ldr (Alpha Mike 6) from Jan 69 thru Oct 69. In Oct 69, Mike became A Troop XO, (Alpha 5) after recovering from a WIA. In Feb 70, Mike assumed command of B Troop (Bravo 6) until he escorted the Squadron colors back to the states and Ft Reily.

Mike's son Matt, pinned by Dad and Mom


Meredith - Matt Armstrong - Mom


This is a recent pic of Mike and his family visiting their "adopted" daughter in Guatemala.

L to R: Mike, daughter Meredith, "Juana," wife Lari.

webmaster's note: Way to go "Armstrong family"

Lt Mike Armstrong at "A" Troop HQ


Lt Mike Armstrong


Lt. Jack Tinsley, (Alpha Lima 6)


(L to R) Lt. Zoltan Szabo and Unknown