These Pix are from "then" LTC Tom Fife.
Tom was Quarter Cav 6 in the first half of 1967


LTC Tom Fife


(L to R) Capt Dice, S2;.. LTC Fife;.. Capt Yarborough, Asst S3;.. Capt Moffitt, CO, HQ Troop.


LTC. Fife, Quan Loi, 23 Mar 1967


Lt Col Fife and Maj Gen Depuy at ceremony for departure of Gen Depuy.


CoC from Lt Col Fife to Lt Col John W. Seigle, June, 1967.
On the reviewing stand are (l to r) Lt Col Fife, Maj Gen John Hay, Lt Col Seigle, and Sgt Maj Frost. The reviewing officer taking Gen Hay's salute is the squadron executive officer, Maj Bob Reed


Maj Gen John Hay in between Lt Col Seigle (on Hay's right) and Lt Col Fife (on Hay's left), June, 1967, change of command, 1st Squadron. 4th Cav.


Lt Col John W. Seigle, June, 1967.