The following pix are from Jesse Overbaugh Jesse was with HHT from Feb 69 to Feb 70. His MOS's were 44c20 and a 63c20 (Track Vehicle Mechanic and Welder). He worked out of Thunder One and Two and was at FSB Doc as well as all the other places the cav went in Vietnam. He was on the M88 VTR with Charlie Cole, Henry and Meagher. Other names he recalls are Jughead(nickname), Terrill, Carvajal, Sgt.Sanders, Macdonald(from Ohio), E-8 Herndon, Lt. Phillips(KIA rat patrol), Smitty died(was run over by a VTR) a few days after Jessie left Vietnam. E-mail Jesse

Recent picture of Jesse


A 12 cyl, fuel injected, gasoline engine out of VTR


French Home Tank and Personnel Carrier


In front of barracks @ Lai Khe


Hadquarters Co. Lai Khe barracks


Bob Hope Show Charlie Cole without shirt wearing boonie hat


Fire Base (believe)Thunder One


Headquarters VTR (maybe) Jessie


Headquarters VTR


Jessie O.


Jessie standing in front of Personnel Carrier his friend was killed on (A-29)


Jughead (standing) wounded at DOC need name for the one laughing


Lai Khe MotorPool area 69-70


Lai Khe MotorPool work area


Lai Khe Motorpool


Lai Khe, Tracks being worked on


Laundry Girls @ Lai Khe


Meagher, mechanic on Headquarters VTR


Motorpool during monsoon


Need Name, Mechanic @ Thunder One


Need Names one without glasses was wounded 7 times


Quarter Cav Mechanics showers, unknown person


Showers @ Thunder One and Ammo Boxes for bunkers


Smitty (believe) He was killed a few days after I left Late Feb. 1970


Thunder One Artillery being shot into tree line


Thunder One My Barricks made of Ammo Boxes


Thunder One, pulling in a CBL'ed Tank 69-70




Vietnamese civillians on way to work


Vietnamese House


VTR Thunder One




Zippo-Flame Thrower @ Lai Khe

More pictures from the Bob Hope Show below

Charlie Cole and Jesse

French Home 1969