To display this page you need a browser with JavaScript support. Mike O'Connor

Mike O'Connor's pix. Mike was a TC with B Troop Jan 69 to Jan 70.

Tank: Mike4 Land Mine L to R Flanagan - McGee - O'Connor



Mike4 from Tower at Thunder II


Me and Roger Flanagan


Me On Mike4 (Bad Ass II)


Roger on Mike4 (Bad Ass II)


Charles "Mac" Mac Donald and me at DivArty club


"Bugs" Moran


B-Troop HQ at Thunder II


I knew this guy well, but I simply cannot remember his name


Me Moran and Flanagan


Roger and me


Convoy Ambush


Convoy Ambush


Convoy Ambush


B-Troop XO


Me in Di An Barracks


Is that Bob Klinkerman (Mike6) in the TC seat?




Danny Haouk


Dunno where


Me. Weapons cache in tomb


Mike5 tank. De laRosa in charge


My Scout




Mike4 tank changing tortion bar? Lai Khe


Roam Plow security


Black Virgin Mtn






Shot up ACAV


Thu Duc


V.O. For Mac


D-Troop doing dustoff