RON HALICKI at .. Request information on the people locations and events enclosed.. The time frame and unit in question was A troop 1/4 cav... Feb. 68- march 69 DOES ANYONE KNOW THE TROOPERS (OR HOW TO CONTACT THEM) IN THESE PHOTOS? OR OF THE LOCATIONS DEPICTED IN THE PHOTOS?

Additional information requests below photos




Additional information sought,no matter how slight or fuzzy on the following:

1. Does anyone have aerial photos of, or layout maps for the following camps.. Di an Phu loi An loc Song be Can anyone explain were the troop was exactly within those camps? Example.. Phu loi extreme north west corner of camp???????

2. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Capt.. Frederick w. shirley. Lt. Ivan pilcher. Hubbard, I believe capt shirleys driver. Dan dittman Jim kennedy Bill rice Eddie jay fortunow Joseph Guddemi Forno, I believe he was a medic. Michael fiedler Dietz king Mort biane

3. Does anyone know who was on the acav with capt. Serio? Or other vehicles? Who else was killed or injured that day? 4/68. Anyone know the details of that engagement?

4. Does anyone know details of the battle In which sgt.roosevelt williams was killed? 10/68.. Who else was on his vehicle? Or other vehicles? What kind of formation were we in?

5. Does anyone know the details of the nightime engagement In which a infantry soldier was killed, trying to get back into a Perimeter? .it was the night that medic mims was in a jeep that rolled over In a race to get to the staging area...who drove the jeep? Where did this happen?

6. Does anyone have information or a photo of the following.. specific Locations of the following would be greatly appreciated Washing the tanks and acavs in a gravel pit with high pressure hoses.. No doubt part of q service.. Where was this? Of a montagnard village, surrounded by spiked outward leaning posts.. The people where of Negroid stock,, were bare breasted.. Wore blankets all alike of brown and black stripe design? Their weapons were ancient. They carried children on their backs eskimo style. Where was this? A photo of a non exploded rpg stuck into a cyclone fence... A photo of the captains jeep with the name "article 15" painted below the windshield. A photo of an acav with a construction scaffold atop it with a radar surveillance unit atop that. A area of road, with destroyed acavs left along it...where was this? Photo of the insignia of the 1/4 horse painted on a stone in front of headquarters... Where was this? Photo or photos of the bee hive type ovens and terrain of an area I only knew as the pottery plant.. Where was this exactly... I almost lost my life there.. Photo of a long building with the motto... No mission too difficult , no sacrifice to great.. Duty first.... Where was this? Photo of any of the gates to the main camps, or the water plant? Photo of capt. conley driving thru gate... Where? Where was the twisted bridge that the tank fell thru? Where exactly was the water plant? Where was the location of the vc.nva ? Camp that we drove right into and the camp fires were still burning? Seemed to catch them totally by surprise. Any information on a trooper I think was dan estep.. I believe he was killed? Any photos with ron halicki in them.. I was always writing songs and scripts if thatıs any help.. I was in all the platoons including headquarters.. Spent a lot of time on a-9 and a-8. A-6, a-39, Talking bob dylan and rolling stones all the time..

7. Does anyone know how the vc/nva marked their graves so that they would be able to recover them day's month's or year's later?

8. Does anyone have or know of anyone who has.. Film footage or an extensive collection of photos... Perhaps memorabilia such as, ho chi minh sandals, vc or nva flags, stars and stripes news papers.. Did anyone tape record a fire fight or even radio dialogue or perhaps, the armed forces radio...? Copies of enemy propaganda that were found in the fields.

9. I have addresses on the following men, if anyone would like to contact them. Leo boucher Peter stank Natividad escobedo Paul k. lawson Bernard hector William kabzinski Peter davenport

10. If you feel that you have a lot to say,and that what you know would be a help to the research team or myself, or would just like to have your story told and documented. Additionally if you feel that you would prefer to give the information in the form of an interview by phone or in person. Please get in contact with me to arrange for an interview...don't worry it's easy... Any help no matter how small greatly appreciated.. I will gladly pay for any cost of duplication and shipping to attain this information... Thanks for you help in advance..

Ronald Halicki

3816 Franklin ave.

Dunkirk. NY 14048

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