These pics are from Carl "Skip" Bell. Skip was platoon leader (Alpha Lima 6) from Feb- early Jun 69, Acting Alpha 6 for a couple of more weeks in June 69, S4 from Jul-Aug 69, Bravo 6 from Sep 69-Feb 70.

Left to right:

Jay Ward (Bravo November 6), "Skip" Bell"

Left to right:

"Skip" Bell, Frederick J. Brown (Dragoon 6 1970), Michael Armstrong ( Bravo 6 from Feb 70)


Left to right:

LTC Frederick J. Brown, CPT Michael Armstrong, CPT Carl (Skip) Bell

Bravo 1sg Moore, 1LT Tim O'Brien (Bravo Mike6)

Jay Ward (N6) Skip Bell (B6)

B6 Track Christmas 69

Weatherman "Skip" Bell reports that there is rain in the area.

WebMaster's Note:

After growing his mustashe, he was able to predict rain "before" it happened.

(L to R), SGT Dana Perry (TC), CPT Skip Bell (B6), SPC Don Humes (Driver), SPC Greg Frank(Arty FO)

One beer each for Christmas

Webmaster Note: I remember


Skip Bell with SPC Greg Frank (RTO/FO)

B6 Track


Ben Cat Bridge with view of Iron Triangle area beyond

Thunder I


Holy Mackerel


Alpha6 CPT Bill Newell (left rear)

1SG Natividad Escobedo 1SG A Troop and Scorpion

BBQ at the Water Plant

Left to Right.. 1LT Skip Bell (AL6) and SP4 Don Look (TC A-16)

SSG Tommy Mathis and his driver, SP4 Serie, 1st Platoon A Troop.

A Troop at the Michelin Rubber Plantation