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Mike O'Connor Pix  B Troop 1969 E-mail the webmaster

Jerry Arbogast Pix B Troop 1969

Bill Haponski_ Pix HH Troop 1969

Paul Avery ___Pix HH Troop 1969

Greg Street ___PIX A Troop 1969

Pat Christensen PIX A Troop 1969

Jim Pitts _____PIX B Troop 1969

"Skip" Bell ___Pix A-B-HH Troop 1969

Bob McGee __Pix B Troop 1969

Jon Laird ____PIX A Troop 1969

Mike Kukuk __PIX A Troop 1969

"DOC" Selbe _PIX B Troop 1969

Gary Melton _PIX A Troop 1969

Mike Armstrong PIX A-B Troop 1969

Robert Rash ___PIX A Troop 68, 69

Mike Unger____PIX C Troop 68, 69

Barry Nester __PIX HH Troop 67,68,69

Dan ThompsonPIX A Troop 67, 68

Jerry Horton __PIX A Troop 68, 69 Pat will forward your message.

Gerry Guppy __PIX A Troop 68, 69

Dan Huckins __PIX A Troop 67, 68

Ray Naclerio __PIX HH Troop 68, 69

Ron Halicki ___PIX A Troop 68, 69

Terry Valentine PIX A Troop 68,69,70

Wayne Witwicki PIX A HHT Troops 69

W."Pete" Ramsey PIX B Troop 69,70

Jim D. Nelson __PIX C Troop 68

Frank Quaranta _PIX A Troop 68

Steven Tipton __PIX A Troop 68,69

Jerry Blinn_____PIX C Troop 69

F.J. "Rick" Brown PIX HHT Troop 70

Jack Faith _____PIX HHT Troop 68

Tom Fife ______PIX HHT Troop 67

James McGee _ PIX C Troop 67,68

Tim O'Brien ___PIX B Troop 69,70

Gary D. Rinker _PIX A Troop 68,69

Hugh Mills ____PIX D Troop-C/16- 69,72

Lew Graff _____PIX HHT B C Troops 66-70

Spike Tyson ___PIX A Troop 69 Email

Jesse Overbaugh PIX HHT Troop 69,70

Tony Davis_____Pix B Troop 69

Charles Murawski Pix C Troop 67,68

James Christian Pix C Troop 68,69

Richard Humphrey Pix A, HHT Troop 69,70 Email Rick Humphrey

Steve Lindsay Pix C Troop 69, 70

Tim Porter Pix C Troop 69, 70

Peter Haviland Pix B Troop 68, 69

Gerald Smith Pix B Troop 67, 68

Ron "Doc" Hamilton Pix A Troop 68, 69

Don Holder Pix HHT, C Troop 69, 70


Stan Mensing

Raymond "Charlie" Brown


****Special Requests****

Eddie Sigler __PIX A Troop 1968

Note: Pam never got a chance to meet her father, Eddie Sigler. He was KIA on 19 Feb 1968, at or near the water plant. If you knew her father, she would like to hear from you.

Robert Smith _PIX C Troop 1967, 68

Note: Robert was KIA 3 April 1968 near the Ben Cat area south of Lai Khe. Robert was a crewman on a tank with CAJUN written on the turret. Contact Robert's Brother Jerry L. McDonald if you knew Robert.

Roger Conner _PIX A Troop 1965, 66

Note: Greetings! I am looking for any fellow troopers of my Uncle's unit who served with him from Dec 1965-June 8, 1966. He was a tank driver for A14 up to April, but then was a driver of an APC A13. He was drafted and served with his buddy, Avery Smith, who was KIA the same action. Troopers he served with were: Terril G. Peterson (munitions) and JOHN RUSSELL OAKEY (track commander). The battle was Ap Tau-O (a.k.a. Benchmark 69). His widow would also like to have contact from those who who served with Roger.


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